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10 ways to add a dose of glamour to your bedroom!

Ilias AndrianosComment

Is your bedroom plain and simple? While that's a good thing in its own way because a bedroom after all is meant for sleeping in a calm, non-fussy and serene environment... but let's be honest... who wouldn't want to own a bedroom that is seductive, alluring and glamorous! 

We think a glamorous boudoir goes beyond the pure functional form of a bedroom as it not only becomes your most private retreat but also your most favorite part of the house to spend time in! And don't you worry about that glamorous transformation because we make it even more easy for you with our 10 amazing tips. Read on!

1. Fresh flowers!

Anything beautiful is glamorous, and flowers are undoubtedly one of nature's most gorgeous creations! The sight and the fragrance of fresh flowers will instantly up your bedroom's beauty and appeal, and this is coming from the chic and elegant tastemaker Aerin Lauder's Southampton bedroom! Blue may be her choice but we say go for any colour that makes you feel like a queen!

2. Golden accents!

Anything gold is glamorous! And looking at the trends we can certainly say that gold is very much In! So, what are you waiting for? Introduce some golden accents in your bedroom and see it convert into a luxurious retreat in no time!

3. A mirror!

Reflective, polished surfaces exude a unique charm... and what better way to bring in that flawless charm into your bedroom than through a gorgeous mirror! A headboard wall is the perfect attention catching spot to fix that glamorous mirror!

Just look how the mirror in this bedroom looks like a jewel on the walls!

4. Or mirrored furniture!

Want to play up the charm of mirrors even more? How about some mirrored furniture! Yes, with stunning reflective finishes, mirrored furniture will only convert your bedroom into a luxurious sublime retreat!

Look at the interesting side-table in this pastel bedroom, it is reflective yet sophisticated at the same time.

5. Dark colours and contrasts!

Drama can add that mysterious, seductive charm to any space and one of the best ways to achieve it is by playing with colours and contrasts! Introduce some black or play with other gorgeous and rich dark shades! Look at the below bedroom for inspiration! We love the plush curtains in jewel toned green, not to mention how the white bedding contrasts with the black frame of the bed.

6. An enchanting chandelier!

Another chic way to add drama and a wonderful way to amp up the drama in your bedroom is to add a gorgeous chandelier that takes your breath away! We're adoring the understated yet very chic chandelier in the pastel bedroom below!

7. An ornate headboard!

Since we're talking about a bedroom with a bed, then how how could we miss the headboard! Headboards come in all shapes and sizes, but if you're going for a glam look then we suggest you opt for a really beautiful ornate one. We're in love with the one below! Aren't you?

8. A round bed!

Since a glamorous bedroom is unlike any other usual bedroom, it's a good idea to add out-of-the-ordinary elements. How about a round bed then? Not only is it unexpected, but a round bed also has a certain luxurious romantic charm to it! Look below and tell us if you disagree! The moon like bed at the center of the room is like a jewel in the crown!

9. Faux-fur throw!

We've covered the bed and almost every other aspect of a bedroom... last but not the least, let's move on to the bedding. An uber-soft faux fur throw on your bed will not only increase its luxe appeal, it will also invite you to spend more relaxing time in the soft caresses of your bed! 

We're totally sold on this dramatic bedroom with the beautiful faux-fur throw!

10. Plush pillows!

Is a bed complete without the pillows? We know you're shrugging in disbelief and wondering if that's even a question! As we all are aware of the importance of pillows in a bedroom, it would be an understatement to say that we recommend you add loads of plush pillows in lush fabrics to your glamorous bed! 

And just because a glam bedroom is unlike a simple bedroom (where you spend just enough time to take a quick nap or a full on night's sleep), you would also want to add gorgeous cushions in beautiful fabrics to take its appeal to an all new level of gorgeousness! 

Is there anything we missed that you think should be a part of a chic and glam bedroom? Don't forget to tell us!