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13 things to display on your bedroom's headboard wall!

Ilias AndrianosComment

A headboard wall is often the center point of a nicely done bedroom. Dramatic headboard or not, if you've got ample of empty space left above your bed, then you might want to consider adding some decor to create more interest in that area. So, let's help you with finding the right wall accessory for your bedroom! Below are 13 awesome spaces to take your cue from!

1. Faux taxidermy!

Going for an eclectic modern look? How about some faux taxidermy for that unexpected touch!

2. Ceramic plates!

Take your hint from this lovely bedroom! The colourful grouping of ceramic plates not only adds interest to the empty wall but it also complements the eclectic mix of cushions nicely!

3. A mirror!

A mirror is a no-brainer when it comes to decorating walls. We love how the frame of the mirror in the bedroom below goes just so well with the ethnic theme!

4. Vintage maps!

We adore the array of framed vintage maps lined up symmetrically above the headboard in this bedroom. They add a nice urban feel!

5. Personal art and/or pictures!

Be it your cherished art collection or pictures of loved ones, what feels better than waking up next to all things that make you feel happy! Use the space above your headboard as a personal collage!

6. An old and broken tree branch!!

Now this is not something you'd expect when searching for a 'decor' item, but we're also surprised by how good a broken branch looks in this white bedroom! We're sure it will complement your rustic-chic bedroom just as well!

7. A guilded accent!

You don't need to be a professional to know that golden accents look luxurious; and yes they're very much in fashion too! Do you need any more reasons to embellish that wall with a lustrous golden accent?

8.  A low hanging chandelier!

The old door re-purposed as headboard is not the only clever element in this pared down bedroom! Adding a touch of fancy and ingenuity is the low hanging chandelier close to the wall, just above the bed!

9. A patterned wallpaper!

Looking at the chic and simple bedroom below, it feels safe to say that an empty wall above the bed made interesting through a patterned wallpaper doesn't need any more unnecessary accessories. Let the wallpaper do the talking! 

10. Macrame craft!

Giving a soft and ornate touch to this bedroom's wall is a nice macramé textile. Quite an out-of-the-box idea, isn't it?

11. Framed chalkboard typography!

Let not a day feel dull! Scribe your favorite saying on a chalkboard, frame it and hang it above your bed to wake up motivated everyday!

12. Close to nothing!

Going minimal all the way? Chances are you won't need to add any fancy element if you want to keep things simple and clean-lined. Look at this all-white bedroom; a simple block of white board seems enough to create a focal point!

13. Or nothing at all!

With a fancy headboard and an ornate chandelier, this bedroom doesn't need any extra accessories. If your bedroom is somewhat high on dramatic furniture, then you might want to keep the area above the headboard empty in order to create some visual balance.