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6 tips to amp up your space's glamour quotient

Ilias AndrianosComment

How does one define a glamorous space? Is it all about lavishness; plush fabrics, fancy furniture, expensive metals and crystals? Well, in the truest sense, glamour is not just about sparkly things or opulent posessions and it's definitely not just about the expensiveness of it all! Glamour is elegance; it's about a certain charm and mystique; glamour is about imagination. In order to create  a glamorous space, one needs to stretch the boundaries of imagination, and create a place that is a little whimsical, but very alluring, and last but not the least, functional.

Your space need not be all out glamorous; just choose one or two interesting elements that appeal to you or your style, and amp up the glamour quotient of your space. Let's read how!

1. Add a bit of femininity, and don't be afraid to play with colours and furnishings. 

Thanks to Hollywood; glamour is often associated with femininity, and blushy-pink colour; if glamour had a gender, it would definitely be female! The space below is adorned in a soft, salmon-pink shade, which is contrasted aptly by the black chandelier and the sole black chair, thus creating a sense of drama. What lifts up the drama further, is the  eye-catching button-backed ceiling. This space has the colour, drama and wit to be considered glamorous! Take a cue from this space, and experiment with colours and furnishings.

2. Gloss it up.

The beauty of gloss can't be ignored. Surfaces with smooth, shine and radiance go a long way in adding glamour to a space. Hence, it would be prudent to add some gloss for a glamorous look; be it through a lacquered wall such as this...

...or glossy furnishings... or even a radiant mirror...

3. Introduce metallic tones and shades.

This kitchen might be simple and minimalist, but that light reflecting gold leaf wall adds the necessary oomph factor for the requisite glamour quotient! Note: Incorporate metallic tones into your space. It need not be just gold; bronze, brass and copper shades are very much in too!

4. Incorporate draperies.

Flowing draperies exude the kind of drama a glamorous space craves for. Just have a look at the space below; with an eye-catching chandelier, flowing curtains and the dark, cozy feel, the space below possesses the kind of mystery and charm, only a glamorous space can offer!

5. Go grand and scale it up.

Glamour means grand; and this oversized, 'you can't afford to miss it' chandelier is a glamorousing factor in this space...

6. Drama, drama and more drama!

Glamour also means drama. One grand chandelier is great for some drama, but multiple chandeliers? Even more drama! Have a a look at the spaces below, and you'll know what we're talking about!

Here's hoping we've inspired you today; stay glamorous!