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8 Unconventional bedside table ideas!

Ilias AndrianosComment

From essential items like water, books, a glowing lamp, to the more decorative ones like flowers, and personal items like framed pictures; you'll agree when we say that a bedside table is a much needed companion for a comfortable night by the bed. But, we believe that like any other piece of furniture, a side-table need not always conform to the conventional norms! A little imagination can save you some money, as well as help you go the ecological way by re-purposing furniture!

Let's sail through some exciting and unconventional bedside table ideas to get you motivated!

1. A block of concrete.

A simple concrete block-turned-side table complements the pared down industrial bedroom well, while keeping the necessities in place!

2. An unused chair.

A spare, unused chair can turn functional again as your bedside table to keep essential night time reads and magazines handy! This rustic-chic bedroom serves inspiring idea!

3. Books.

In case of a low level bed, a pile of mounted books with sturdy covers can easily become your makeshift side-table to hold a reading lamp or a glass of water if the need be!

4. A wood log.

Lend a laid back, rustic-chic vibe to your bedroom by upcycling a wood log as a bedside table! Case in point: the relaxed bedroom below. 

5. A metal drum.

A basic metal drum has been converted into an eye-catching bedside table by painting it as a Chanel perfume barrel. Now, this is called being imaginative!

6. Vintage luggage.

This is definitely not a new trick! Vintage suitcases are ubiquitous as upcycled furniture. We love them as a side-table because there is plenty of space to keep your belongings, plus the height is adjustable to suit your needs!

7. A step ladder.

Another fascinating example of upcycled furniture! A portion of an old wood step ladder has been converted into a multi-shelf side-table!

8. A suspended table.

Let's end this post with a quirky twist on bedside furniture through this suspended table!

Have you any more intriguing ideas on unconventional bedside tables? Don't forget to share with us!