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A Danish Masterpiece: The Panton Chair

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Often touted as the world's first moulded plastic chair, the Panton chair is the creation of Danish designer Verner Panton and a timeless masterpiece of Danish modern design!

This S-shaped chair created a sensation during its launch in the 60's owing to its sleek and curvaceous design which reflected the "Space Age" of that decade. The sleek, curvaceous and modern looking chair has been recognized as a design "classic" and is part of the permanent collections of some of the most famous and reputed design museums across the globe. It has even been featured on the cover of Vogue with the equally stunning Kate Moss!

This mid-century gem is not your everyday chair and if you're looking to add a piece of unique yet celebrated design to your space, then it is just right for you! It will serve as a nice conversation starter  and definitely impress your guests!

Have a glimpse of some of our inspiring space finds featuring the iconic Panton chair below!

Wondering why the space below appears so beautifully composed? It has to be the contrasting pairing of the sleek and refined Panton Chair with the rough and rustic furnishings!

This light and airy contemporary home has the perfect dining experience in store for any design enthusiast!

The iconic chair possess the ability to mould itself beautifully to adapt to its surroundings. We love this Panton chair in pale pink. It would look perfect in any girlie girl's room!

Modern, classic, timeless, the Panton chair is a piece of furniture that will add effortless elegance to any space!