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A Sustainable way of adding character: Old wood

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With more and more emphasis on sustainable living these days, reclaimed wood and furniture is becoming a popular option to furnish and enhance spaces not only for the ecologically concerned but also for those who love the feel of the old and seasoned. With its unique vintage character, reclaimed wood is not only beautiful to look at, it is also immensely durable and flexible in terms of use.

If you have some old wooden furniture or accessories but don't really know what to do with them, then hold back on throwing them away as  re-purposing and re-adapting may be the key for you! Be it crisp contemporary homes or rustic-chic cottages, we love how reclaimed wood feels at home in any interior! Here are some amazing ideas:

The old unrefined wooden table and the wooden logs in the ceiling further build on the rustic character of this outdoor seating space. Tip: Use old wood to contrast modern furnishings!

Stairs from reclaimed wood balance out the stark white interiors by offering the right dose of rustic charm!

Flanks of reclaimed barn wood have been used ingeniously to create a unique statement wall in an otherwise contemporary space. We love how it is adorned with art! And you will never guess who is the owner of this Manhattan retreat...: Hilary Swank!

Natural beauty is the emphasis in this polished bathroom where contrast is the key. Loving the wall fixture made out of old wood... it definitely is the star of the space!

An old wooden door used as an innovative headboard punctuates the all-white bedroom and creates an amiable surrounding by offering warmth to this cool all white bedroom...

It's hard to ignore the classic wood-&-white combination! Old wooden objects have been re-purposed as wall decor to create an interesting and warm feature wall

Have an unused old wooden door that doesn't seem to fit anywhere? Who knew it could own the center of your living room as a coffee table! Look below!

Logs of wood that would otherwise be considered scrap become an interesting element through this DIY tripod lamp! We love seeing the subtle merging of rustic elements in modern and polished settings.

An unused rough wooden cart is given a new role as a coffee table in this laid back, pattern ruled living room:

Wood-log is assigned a practical role as a side-table in this bedroom:

This summer house has been adorned with re-purposed wooden logs as furniture to offer that laid-back feel!

Are you going to go the sustainable way at home? Reclaimed wood is definitely the place to start.