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Achieve visual interest through contrasting elements!

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Mixing and matching similar decoration elements can create and emphasize a certain style of interior design but it definitely is not the only way to create a well-balanced space! Sometimes opposing and contrasting elements complement each other beautifully, bringing out the best in each other. Keeping this concept in mind, we bring to you a few inspiring ideas on achieving visual interest through the mixing and matching of contrasting elements!

Opposing textures

The finish of this space has been kept smooth and we love how the hanging bell shaped lamp has been placed beautifully in this composition with its opposing rough texture... It makes the lamp stand-out and the look all the more interesting to the eyes!

Opposing shapes

If you have an eye for geometric shapes and lines then it's an awesome idea to play with them. For example, imagine sinuously curved Egg chairs, like the ones below, placed in a minimal space ruled by clean lines.... The magic of juxtaposition!

Opposing colors

The pops of random blues, purples and turquoise against the dull gray setup is what gives this space the oomph factor! Imagine this space with only gray accessories, it would have remained so boring and mundane...

The magic of juxtaposition is not just limited to these tips... As long as you are ready to be imaginative and experiment the world is your oyster!