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BISAZZA and SICIS: The two iconic brands in the world of mosaics

Ilias AndrianosComment

Mosaic art has played an important part in the world of art and expression by capturing the beauty of history in an artistic manner. With their inherent association with luxury and opulence, mosaic tiles continue to adorn the most gorgeous of interiors and exteriors! As opposed to the supernatural and mystic themes of the past, the modern world of mosaic tiles is ruled by eclectic patterns of all kinds and bold colours which can instantly add a a sense of luxury to any space whilst still retaining the contemporary modern look!

With their specialized craftsmanship in the arena of mosaic tiles, our top  brand picks from the the world of mosaic tiles, BISAZZA and SICIS: The Art Mosaic Factory, are two iconic companies that pride themselves in being the pioneers in the luxury tile industry with their master craftsmen churning out the most creative creations, one after the another. Let's have a look at some of their stunning creations!

Glamour factor! There is no denying that gold is glamorous and this mosaic twill pattern in the metallic hue, by BISAZZA, would instantly add a luxury feel to any space! And what more...metallics have been proclaimed a hot trend for the fall 2013 season.

Looking to create a  whimsical corner in your interior? Dine in the clouds with this stunning, ephemeral mosaic art by BISAZZA. It's minimal as well as soothing to the eyes, and pairing it with pristine white furniture only adds to the effect!

How about some mix and match?! The monochrome, rayures patterned hall opens up to another room emblazoned with differently patterned mosaic tiles. The contrast is stunning to the eyes!

Moving on to SICIS: The Art Mosaic Factory; their mosaic art patterns for pools are just amazing! Have a look at this stunning pool floor emblazoned with floral inspired SICIS mosaics...

... and not to mention, their floor proposals are quite impressive as well! Combination of marbles with mosaic; their creations  can transform any pavement into a work of art... have a look at the gorgeous mosaic below!

We love the fact that the amazing creations of SICS aren't just limited to floors, walls or ceilings, they have even ventured into lights and mirrors. This bedazzling mirror in golden hues just caught our fancy! It has to be one coveted object of desire for any glamour lover!

Be it BISAZZA or SICIS; we are certain mosaic art will add instant luxury-factor to any interior or exterior! Go ahead and incorporate them into your spaces!