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Embracing animal print: Subtle infusion or maximal inclusion?

Adonis PauliComment

Animal prints never really go out of fashion. We compare two spaces and let you decide how you'd like to embrace these zesty prints in your interiors.


This hallway is the epitome of luxury with all the glossy, lacquered walls and we just love the subtle incorporation of animal print through the upholstered chairs! So, would you prefer to introduce the prints minimally through accessories and furnishings like in the space below?


The following space is a perfect example of maximal use of animal print in a space! The idea of dressing walls, as well as furniture, in animal print may appear absurd to some, but there are certain people for whom this would be a maximal delight! We think it may be a  good idea for a corner space or a small room but try it only if you're bold enough!

Have you made up your mind... What would be your "decorating strategy" with animal prints? Subtle infusion or maximal inclusion???