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From classic 'Louis XV chair' to the modern-classic 'Louis Ghost chair'

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The classic Louis XV chair is undoubtedly a furniture "classic". Over the years this iconic chair has evolved into a "modern-classic", the famous "Louis Ghost chair" as inspired and designed by modern day design icon Phillippe Starck. To  see how this happened let's first roll back into history...

In the history of France, the period of Louis XV's reign was a time of peace and prosperity and was regarded as the Golden Age of French Furniture. Comfort and convenience were all the rage at that time and hence the Louis XV chair was born!

These chairs satisfied the society's craving for comfort at the time and owing to this very comfort-factor and the antique-look that they offer, these Rococo style chairs still play an important part in today's interior styling as can be seen in the pictures below! The striped fabric, used for upholstering, offers a modern twist to the antique chairs.

Making inspiration from the Louis XV chair, creative genius Phillippe Starck created a modern interpretation of the the neo-classical chair, known famously as the "Louis Ghost chair" (owing to its colorless and soulless appearance). This interpretation offers the same comfort, style and elegance but with a modern twist. Here are some inspiring ideas and ways to use the Ghost chair!

The transparent look of the Ghost chair makes it appear as if takes less space, hence the subtle elegance offered by it makes it the perfect complement for a minimal, clutter-free interior such as the ones below!

The chairs offer the illusion of more space in this small kitchen too and it is quite evident that any other chair would have made the space stuffy! Also, we love how these chairs go beautifully against the more traditional setting of this kitchen!

The Ghost chair adds an impersonal, functional look to this corner office:

Want to go for a contemporary-classic look? The Ghost chair offers a contemporary twist to this master en suite that is ruled by touches of classic furnishings and accessories. How unmatchable yet how balancing!

We hope that by now we have made you love the Ghost chair even more. Go on and incorporate some Ghost chairs to transform your home!