Adonis Pauli HOME JEWELS

Give your home a rich feel with jewel tones!

Ilias AndrianosComment

Are you of the opinion that black, white and neutrals are way too commonplace and a tad too minimal for your personality? If the answer to that question is yes, then you might want to consider going for rich and distinctive jewel tones in order to pep your domain and give it a lush vibe. 

Jewel tones, sounds so inviting! But wondering what exactly are they? That's easy, any rich and highly saturated colour tone which resembles well known gemstones would be considered a jewel tone. In simple words, these colours represent the colours of beautiful jewels that have been used since centuries by humans for beautification and range from emerald green, amethyst purple, ruby red to topaz yellow! It's a no brainer that any colour that is associated with precious jewels would bestow the same qualities to your interiors. A vibrant, rich, lush and distinct look is what you will experience if you are going to go for jewel tones.

You have the choice to go either all out to create a jewel box like room, or use the colours sparingly in furniture and accessories to brighten up an otherwise understated interior. Whatever your choice may be, jewel tones are sure to stand out and catch anyone's attention at first glance!

Let's browse through some inspiring spaces with equally intriguing uses of lush jewel tones!

Inspired by the malachite gemstone, the green walls with an interesting texture make this hallway oh-so-alluring! Not to forget the gilded accents that complete the lush look!

Amethyst purple furnishings lend this foyer a jewel box like luxe look! From the amethyst toned mirror to the gilded chandelier, carefully chosen furnishings only elevate the look many notches high.

The turquoise chandelier, and the mix of aquamarine blue and amethyst toned pillows offer a powerful visual impact to the eyes, considering the rest of the living room is outfitted in gray!

The regal velvet sapphire blue sofa is the ultimate jewel in this otherwise neutral toned living space, isn't it?!

We love how the furniture in rich emerald green (which was proudly the colour of the year 2013 as declared by Pantone) lends a lush verdant vibe to this living room!

This home theater is bathed in luscious ruby red and velvet walls, an ultimate jewel box experience!

What is your birthstone? Would use the corresponding jewel tone in your interiors?