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Go soft with pastel pink!

Adonis PauliComment

We adore pale colors for their lightness and subtlety but when we think of a pastel color that is comforting and uber-soft, not a better option comes to our mind than powder pink! The comforting hue has obvious references to femininity owing to it's psychological associations with qualities such as compassion, sensitivity and love.

Let's celebrate the blushy hue by looking at some amazing spaces that feature the prettiness of pastel pink...

Thanks to the overall darkness and the lovely soft-pink armchair that punctuates it, the interior below  possesses a mysterious kind of glamour! We love the play of darkness with softness! Interesting space to take your cue from, isn't it?

Never boring! The powder pink hued bedroom below is made oh-so-interesting by the clever incorporation of textures.

Pastel on pastel! We love the pairing of pastel pink and powder blue in the room below. Pink brings a sense of comfort and the blue adds to the serenity of the space. All in all, this space is a quite a cozy abode!

How about a pink feature wall! Pale pink acts as the perfect soft backdrop to hang art in the room below. See how the black masculine frames pop out against the subtle feminine color of the wall!

Pink accents punctuate the white ruled living room to offer a soft, feminine appeal!

Those brilliant spaces have inspired us to dress our homes with some blushy, powder pink! How about you?