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Gray can be glam too!

Ilias AndrianosComment

When it comes to the word 'glamour', rarely do we associate the colour gray with it... maybe it's because gray is considered an emotionless neutral or just because most of us usually associate glamour with everything shiny and gold. But we are of the opinion that when done right, even a colour as subdued and as minimal as gray can look glam and expressive! Its varying shades, whether light dove or dark charcoal, make gray as versatile as any color. 

Forget black or white! Gray is the perfect colour to use as a backdrop in any room.  Any shade of gray will transcend the traditional while adding a dose of freshness. Moreover, gray can signify the glamour of silver turning any space into a glamorous yet chic heaven. Here are 7 amazingly glamorous gray spaces that have inspired us:

Textured fabrics make this neutral-gray bedroom interesting by breaking the monotony.

Burst of colour, texture and pattern make this gray-ruled bedroom oh-so-expressive! 


Photography: Blackstone Edge

White moldings are the perfect companion for gray walls.


Photography: Brandon Barré 

Touch of dazzle is all you need... the detailing on the chairs, and the mirrored console make this dining space gray and special!

This gray bedroom is given a touch of glam through those very inviting faux-fur cushions!


Photography: Francesco Bertocci

The dark wood table goes so well with the gray tones of this dining room and gives it a contemporary and gorgeous look. 

The dark gray cabinets are the perfect backdrop for these lovely light fixtures in silver.  

Photography: Chip Pankey

So, whether your are trying to add a tone of glamour to your kitchen, dining room and bedroom do not be afraid to use gray. Not too bright, neither too dark, gray can effortlessly add glamour and drama to your interiors.