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Let flowers take the center-stage!

Ilias AndrianosComment

Fresh flowers are a great way to incorporate colours and enliven spaces. Below, we've listed some awesome ideas on using flowers in your decor. Have a look and be inspired!


Have a colour theme in mind? Well if you're going to use accents in your space then a great idea would be to have flowers in the same colour! Look below for great examples...

Blue flowers and the blue patterned pillows match to act as complementary accents in this neutral palette ruled living room: 

Blue on blue! We love how the bright blue theme in this space is further accentuated by the lovely flowers placed in a ceramic vase:

Gorgeous red-pink flowers and the cushion on the sofa are right & bright accents for this pale-blue living room!


Have an understated palette ruling your space? For a pop of colour, punctuate your space with bright flowers! 

Bright roses placed by the bed offer an interesting pop of colour to an all-white bedroom!

Pink flowers add the right dose of warmth and glamour. We love the tufted headboard too!

This interesting nook in white & gray is made even more interesting by placing the vibrant flowers on the antique chair!

Red roses are a nice surprise in this muted yet luxurious bedroom!


A subtle and effective manner of introducing freshness into your space would be by matching the flowers with your primary colour scheme.

White flowers look pretty elegant in this monochrome dining room:

Be it the matching candles or the subtle flowers; we love all the little details that make this outdoor dining space totally glam!

Ornamental! It's not just the elaborate chandelier; stunning tulips in off-white also add to the glam feel in this luxurious dressing room:

Colour on Colour!

Last but not the least, if you like it bold, then don't hold back and go all out with flowers as well as colours!

This room has an interesting mix of colours and patterns set against the white and minimal background; the flowers only add to the effect multi-fold!

With this balcony made fresh and vibrant through colourful flowers, there doesn't seem a better place to relax and refresh!

A table setting with bright flowers such as this would be great for some al-fresco dining!