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Multiple mirrors for visual interest!

Adonis PauliComment

Multiple objects are often used in spaces to create visual interest. A mirror can act as a gem on a plain wall and this effect only increases multi-fold times when several mirrors are used! Hence we decided to list out different strategies, along with interesting images as examples, for using multiple mirrors in a space. Have a look and get inspired!

If you want to keep things glam yet simple, then go ahead and use multiple mirrors in the same styling and design but in different sizes. These circular mirrors look like gems on the peacock green wall...

Like it bold? The following space has been kept quite busy through the incorporation of myriad patterns and array of colours. In view of the eclectic and colorful styling, multiple mirrors with similar frame design have been used to decorate the wall albeit in different colour frames...

You don't always need to use wallpaper when trying to create a  feature wall! You can transform a simple wall into a statement one through the use of multiple mirrors in different sizes and designs but all of them with frames of the same material. Unlike a wallpaper, such frames would lend a nice texture to the wall as well!

And finally, go for the ultimate mix and match! Keep an eye though on the proportions and the distance between the mirrors. Who needs art when you have an array of gorgeous mirrors with the most artistic frames beautifying your walls!

So which wall is it going to be? Go ahead and experiment with multiple mirrors!