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Out-of-the-box wall treatments for a unique twist

Ilias AndrianosComment

Walls are the building blocks of any space, hence they can't be ignored. For the design conscious, walls can be a great way to express personal style, taste and history. We love how walls are like these big canvasses which can be treated with accessories, materials, paints & colours, finishes, murals and myriad other techniques. 

Some techniques can be great for those who are looking at little changes here and there, while others can be slightly more time consuming. Whether you're looking to pep up your old walls, or to completely transform the look and feel of your home, you will surely find some ingenious and innovative wall treatment concepts in this article. Read on!

Enhance with accessories

The quickest and easiest way for an instant uplift would be to accessorize and decorate walls to gather attention; be it through ceramics, pictures, art, you name it. This trick is best used if you're dealing with walls which appear a bit bland. Below spaces provide awesome examples, have a look!

Natural basket material used as wall decor complements and offers warmth to this neutral and pared down bedroom:

Multiple mirrors! We also admire the multiple rustic-chic mirrors that have been used to adorn the plain white walls of a bare bedroom; the lightness of the frames goes beautifully with the airy feel of the space:

Antique with modern. Wooden walls adorned with antique wooden engravings contrast stunningly with modern furniture; this is a great inspiration for playing with contrasting elements to bring out the best in your walls and furnishings:

Wallpaper it!

Another quick fix to revamp a drab space is through wallpapers. Gone are the days when you only had to make do with wallapers in mundane patterns; these days innovative companies are creating some very unique wallpaper designs that would add another dimension to your walls! Have a look below and know what we're talking about...

Street smart! A wallpaper such as this map inspired one would add instant urban appeal to any room...

Words say it all! While there wallpapers with letters scribed on them available in market, we found a great source of inspiration in Swedish designer Ylva Skarp's home where instead of a mass manufactured wallpaper original calligraphy has been used to add a distinctive meaning to the wall. Now this is called personalizing a space!

An innovative idea: if you'd rather not wallpaper a whole wall then just use a screen covered in your favorite wallpaper design as a backdrop to liven up a space or to focus attention to an otherwise ignored corner! Look at the space below...Bejeweled Swarovski wallpaper is used as focal point to incorprate some dazzle in the dark room...

Re-purpose and reclaim

Looking for an ecological as well as economical solution for your walls? Then there is nothing better than making creative use of reclaimed wooden logs, panels and doors as wall treatments for a laid-back look. Below spaces exemplify this technique...

The accent wall is sheathed in distressed wood panels and offers a rustic-chic twist to the white space:

Art on a reclaimed wood wall becomes an interesting talking point in Actor Hillary Swank's otherwise polished Manhattan living room....

An old reclaimed wooden door is used as a background to offer an aged feel to the space...

Keep it natural!

We often tend to think along the lines of wallpapers, paints, etc when it comes to renovating  walls, but what we forget is the beauty of the natural! Yes, natural wall finishes and materials like brick, stone, concrete, etc can be amazing at adding a bit of a character to a space. Look at some inspiring natural walls below!

This fabulous unrefined wall finish is great if you're going for an aged charm...

Exposed concrete walls are a trend and why woudn't they be?  They look spectacular in a pared down industrial style and we think their simplicity is great for displaying pictures and art!

Exposed brick and stone walls are also a good idea for embracing masculinity and a rugged character in a space. We love how brick walls contrast and punctuate white furnishings and ceilings in this minimal space:

A creative idea that is quite a rage these days is to use a chalkboard as a wall. We're not complaining, it makes a space look more laid-back and playful, and if you have kids they would love the fun twist! 


Now that we've discussed so much about rustic finishes, we've reserved the last for one of the most luxurious ways of adding interest and sophistication to your walls and nothing screams luxury like mosaic tiles! They are not only capable of transforming the look of your walls but they will offer an unmatched luxury to your space;  and what more, there are so many pretty patterns to choose from! Have a peek below:

Art love. We love how this whimsical mosaic wall lifts the space to an all new level:

Gorgeous backdrop! The lovely pattern acts as a perfect background for the luxurious mirror....

We hope that you've found the perfect solution for you walls with this blog post. Keep reading!