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Pink or blue: Which one is for you?

Adonis PauliComment

Pink is for girls and blue for boys, we're told! If you were to be given a choice between two almost identical spaces that are accessorized differently; one in pink and the other one in blue... which one would you go for?

For a moment, let's ignore the cultural gender associations that have been imposed upon these two colors and get into some color psychology to help you clear your mind in order to help you make the right choice!

Pink (being a combination of red and white) stands for the power and passion of red softened by the purity of white. In color psychology pink is associated with hope, positivity, tenderness and kindness. On the other hand, blue is  a color which is mostly associated with peace, tranquility, trust, honesty and loyalty. It is also known to promote mental relaxation!

So, now that you are aware of the respective power of the two colors, let's have you chose one of these two similar spaces!

Would you go for this space accessorized in pink accents...?

...or this one ruled by blue?

...which one is for you?