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Rough or Smooth? Define your space with texture

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When doing up a space most people focus on the obvious: colors! Inadvertently, most of us ignore another equally important aspect: texture! Never underestimate the power of the feel of a space (read texture), because a clever play of differently textured surfaces can help you achieve the perfect interesting interior! Read on to know how to do just that!

If you would like to go for a rugged look for your décor then rough textures like the ones you find on unrefined walls, aged furniture, patina, etc. will complement your style as they are synonymous with aged, outdoors and rustic settings. Do keep in mind though that rough textures absorb more light, so it would be wiser to use such surfaces in large spaces.

We admire the texture play in this space...the unrefined stone wall strikes a beautiful contrast with the white walls, while the grand tufted sofa adds another dose of texture!

As far as smooth textures go... polished, refined and gleaming surfaces are associated with luxury, modernity and sophistication. Hence, go for smooth surfaces to embrace a more luxe feel at your home! Since smooth surfaces reflect light, they can also prove helpful when you need to make a small room appear spacious!

The dark floor of this bathroom may be an unconventional choice however it is its lustrous finish which makes it appear so luxe and elegant!

With textures comes the ability to be creative. And remember, you don't have to use the same texture all through your space! Incorporating different textures creates contrast and visual interest.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get creative with textures!!!