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Simple or complex: How do you like your patterns?

Adonis PauliComment

It's a no-brainer that patterns play a very important role in interior styling; after all they add personality, style and texture to any space. When it comes to patterns, there are myriads of options available to choose from; be it geometric, stripes, polka dots, plaid, or more traditional motifs. How you mix and match these various patterns and colors is very important in defining your space and style... and while some people prefer to keep it simple with patterns, others like them bold, busy and often eclectic!

We came across two bedrooms decorated with patterns, albeit very differently! Let's have a look at these two bedrooms and decide which one agrees with your style.

This rather simple bedroom in white is adorned with multiple prints, but in order to keep it simple, the patterns have been chosen in a single color: blue, which happens to gel beautifully with the overall light background. Hence, the patterns add interest to the bedroom but at the same do not complicate the calm setting!

Moving on to this glamorous bedroom spangled with Egyptian, Greek and Moorish motifs! Although it may appear too busy to lovers of minimal style, the explosion of textures and patterns actually makes for a very interesting and witty space. The room looks balanced despite of all the contrasting textures.

So how do you like your patterns? Have you made up your mind yet? Which of the two bedrooms would be your private retreat?