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Supersize that! Oversized mirrors and how they can transform your space.

Ilias AndrianosComment

The focus of this article is on mirrors of large size that are capable of instantly adding a sense of drama to a space. Along with being visually attractive, mirrors possess multiple functional advantages as well: they enlarge and open up a small space, offer the feel of more light through their reflective property. A large mirror, we believe, would increase these advantages multi-fold times; so read on for some inspiring over-size mirror ideas!

Contrasting element!

The grand attention catching mirror not only adds interest to the massive walls of the room, but it also complements the large scale, and even acts as a sophisticating factor by contrasting with rough stone walls!

Light reflecting! 

Since mirrors possess reflective quality, there is no doubt that a sizeable mirror would uplift and brighten up a space that otherwise may look dull, dark and boring.

There is nothing like too much light, especially in warm summer! Large white mirror placed next to windows bounces natural light into the room for a well-lit space:

Space enlarging!  

The broad mirror covering the walls offers the illusion of depth to this already dramatic dining nook:

While the colossal mirror is not the only interesting element in this space (we love the ceiling with text too!), it is hard not to notice that the room appears even larger due to it:

The towering mirror not only serves the purpose of a decorative element, but it also emphasizes the height of the room and carries the attention towards the elegant stuccoed ceiling:


As much as a large mirror can serve a functional purpose, it can also be a great element for a dramatic look.

If you love dramatic spaces then you'd love this gigantic Rococo mirror hung on an alreday reflective wall!

We love this giant antique mirror in the rustic-chic setting, but for the right dose of drama, we wouldn't mind seeing it in a more modern space. What do you think? 

Are you ready to go big?