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Up your domain's comfort and glam factor with faux fur!

Ilias AndrianosComment

Fur may be out (rightfully...) but faux fur is hot! And it is everywhere... We see it on sofas, stools, beds, benches, you name it ... and it is fabulous. We're loving that these throws can be used in myriad ways. And there is absolutely no doubt that faux fur throws can  instantly up a space's luxury factor and convert an interior into a cozy abode!. 

Here are five faux fur uses we've spotted and looooved:

1. Warm up your working nook! Add instant glamour to your desk with a comfy faux fur thrown in on the chair and you may actually end up enjoying working in the chicest home office in town...!

2. Go for fur for that desirable rustic-glam look!  The ultra soft texture of the fur is a welcome break in this rugged dining room ruled by hard and sturdy wood!

3. Curl up in a in a faux fur blanket with your favourite book & a warm cup of tea to make a lazy Sunday morning an unforgettable one! 

4. Wake up in style! Make your mornings even more glamorous by waking up in the soft caresses of an uber glam faux fur throw. The grand tufted headbord and the faux fur blanket add effortless glamour to this bedroom!

5. We love minimal furniture.... cool and space saving, but lets face it... it can get a little uncomfortable and sometimes look too pared down for comfort! The fix? Add a no frills, simple white faux fur throw to make a comfortable yet minimal style statement!

So faux fur it is... Cheap, versatile, warm and glamorous. What else could you ask for?