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Velvet love

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Looking to add a touch of elegance to your interiors? Well, velvet may just be right for you then! Historically, velvet has been the preferred fabric of choice of the wealthy, hence little wonder that it has come to symbolize luxury and opulence. 

There is no denying the fact that this rich and lustrous fabric will add an aura of nobility to your interiors, but lets not overlook the fact that this extra-smooth fabric has its many inherent advantages that make it a suitable choice for interiors. The thickness of the fabric is apt for adding warmth to a room in the chilly sub-zero temperatures of winters, although we'd also like to mention that there are many types of light weight velvets that may suit your need for the warmer days. Also, the fabric drapes well and is quite durable, hence perfect for your upholstery requirements.

Be it curtains, throws, upholstery or decorative accents. Velvet is sure to find space in your home. Let's go through some velvety spaces to get inspired!

This plush, red bedroom is sure to get you in the mood for some romance any day! The velvet headboard and cushion add to the sensual effect. 

Plush, blue library! We're certain that the soft and supple velvet sofas will coax you into staying and reading more than you had planned to!

The walls of this lavish bedroom are a visual delight because of the thick textured velvet upholstery. The velvety curtains will block out the chill at night, while in the day they will absorb the sun light to keep you warm, and comfortable in your slumber.

Another great use of long lasting and durable velvet fabric is to use it to recover your old chairs, benches and sofas! We love how this velvet covered ottoman adds warmth to this white master bath.

Are you excited enough to add some velvet into your interiors?