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Velvet love

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Looking to add a touch of elegance to your interiors? Well, velvet may just be right for you then! Historically, velvet has been the preferred fabric of choice of the wealthy, hence little wonder that it has come to symbolize luxury and opulence. 

There is no denying the fact that this rich and lustrous fabric will add an aura of nobility to your interiors, but lets not overlook the fact that this extra-smooth fabric has its many inherent advantages that make it a suitable choice for interiors. The thickness of the fabric is apt for adding warmth to a room in the chilly sub-zero temperatures of winters, although we'd also like to mention that there are many types of light weight velvets that may suit your need for the warmer days. Also, the fabric drapes well and is quite durable, hence perfect for your upholstery requirements.

Be it curtains, throws, upholstery or decorative accents. Velvet is sure to find space in your home. Let's go through some velvety spaces to get inspired!

This plush, red bedroom is sure to get you in the mood for some romance any day! The velvet headboard and cushion add to the sensual effect. 

Plush, blue library! We're certain that the soft and supple velvet sofas will coax you into staying and reading more than you had planned to!

The walls of this lavish bedroom are a visual delight because of the thick textured velvet upholstery. The velvety curtains will block out the chill at night, while in the day they will absorb the sun light to keep you warm, and comfortable in your slumber.

Another great use of long lasting and durable velvet fabric is to use it to recover your old chairs, benches and sofas! We love how this velvet covered ottoman adds warmth to this white master bath.

Are you excited enough to add some velvet into your interiors?

6 tips to amp up your space's glamour quotient

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How does one define a glamorous space? Is it all about lavishness; plush fabrics, fancy furniture, expensive metals and crystals? Well, in the truest sense, glamour is not just about sparkly things or opulent posessions and it's definitely not just about the expensiveness of it all! Glamour is elegance; it's about a certain charm and mystique; glamour is about imagination. In order to create  a glamorous space, one needs to stretch the boundaries of imagination, and create a place that is a little whimsical, but very alluring, and last but not the least, functional.

Your space need not be all out glamorous; just choose one or two interesting elements that appeal to you or your style, and amp up the glamour quotient of your space. Let's read how!

1. Add a bit of femininity, and don't be afraid to play with colours and furnishings. 

Thanks to Hollywood; glamour is often associated with femininity, and blushy-pink colour; if glamour had a gender, it would definitely be female! The space below is adorned in a soft, salmon-pink shade, which is contrasted aptly by the black chandelier and the sole black chair, thus creating a sense of drama. What lifts up the drama further, is the  eye-catching button-backed ceiling. This space has the colour, drama and wit to be considered glamorous! Take a cue from this space, and experiment with colours and furnishings.

2. Gloss it up.

The beauty of gloss can't be ignored. Surfaces with smooth, shine and radiance go a long way in adding glamour to a space. Hence, it would be prudent to add some gloss for a glamorous look; be it through a lacquered wall such as this...

...or glossy furnishings... or even a radiant mirror...

3. Introduce metallic tones and shades.

This kitchen might be simple and minimalist, but that light reflecting gold leaf wall adds the necessary oomph factor for the requisite glamour quotient! Note: Incorporate metallic tones into your space. It need not be just gold; bronze, brass and copper shades are very much in too!

4. Incorporate draperies.

Flowing draperies exude the kind of drama a glamorous space craves for. Just have a look at the space below; with an eye-catching chandelier, flowing curtains and the dark, cozy feel, the space below possesses the kind of mystery and charm, only a glamorous space can offer!

5. Go grand and scale it up.

Glamour means grand; and this oversized, 'you can't afford to miss it' chandelier is a glamorousing factor in this space...

6. Drama, drama and more drama!

Glamour also means drama. One grand chandelier is great for some drama, but multiple chandeliers? Even more drama! Have a a look at the spaces below, and you'll know what we're talking about!

Here's hoping we've inspired you today; stay glamorous!

Gray can be glam too!

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When it comes to the word 'glamour', rarely do we associate the colour gray with it... maybe it's because gray is considered an emotionless neutral or just because most of us usually associate glamour with everything shiny and gold. But we are of the opinion that when done right, even a colour as subdued and as minimal as gray can look glam and expressive! Its varying shades, whether light dove or dark charcoal, make gray as versatile as any color. 

Forget black or white! Gray is the perfect colour to use as a backdrop in any room.  Any shade of gray will transcend the traditional while adding a dose of freshness. Moreover, gray can signify the glamour of silver turning any space into a glamorous yet chic heaven. Here are 7 amazingly glamorous gray spaces that have inspired us:

Textured fabrics make this neutral-gray bedroom interesting by breaking the monotony.

Burst of colour, texture and pattern make this gray-ruled bedroom oh-so-expressive! 


Photography: Blackstone Edge

White moldings are the perfect companion for gray walls.


Photography: Brandon Barré 

Touch of dazzle is all you need... the detailing on the chairs, and the mirrored console make this dining space gray and special!

This gray bedroom is given a touch of glam through those very inviting faux-fur cushions!


Photography: Francesco Bertocci

The dark wood table goes so well with the gray tones of this dining room and gives it a contemporary and gorgeous look. 

The dark gray cabinets are the perfect backdrop for these lovely light fixtures in silver.  

Photography: Chip Pankey

So, whether your are trying to add a tone of glamour to your kitchen, dining room and bedroom do not be afraid to use gray. Not too bright, neither too dark, gray can effortlessly add glamour and drama to your interiors.    

Mirror 'Caadre' by Phillipe Starck for Fiam Italia

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Like most of his creations, this magnificent free-standing mirror called 'Caadre' by Phillipe Starck is truly a masterpiece! Available in various versions and number of finishings, you can customize it to perfectly fit your styling needs and display the reflective masterpiece to its best!

Have a look!

Photo Source

Photo Source

10 ways to add a dose of glamour to your bedroom!

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Is your bedroom plain and simple? While that's a good thing in its own way because a bedroom after all is meant for sleeping in a calm, non-fussy and serene environment... but let's be honest... who wouldn't want to own a bedroom that is seductive, alluring and glamorous! 

We think a glamorous boudoir goes beyond the pure functional form of a bedroom as it not only becomes your most private retreat but also your most favorite part of the house to spend time in! And don't you worry about that glamorous transformation because we make it even more easy for you with our 10 amazing tips. Read on!

1. Fresh flowers!

Anything beautiful is glamorous, and flowers are undoubtedly one of nature's most gorgeous creations! The sight and the fragrance of fresh flowers will instantly up your bedroom's beauty and appeal, and this is coming from the chic and elegant tastemaker Aerin Lauder's Southampton bedroom! Blue may be her choice but we say go for any colour that makes you feel like a queen!

2. Golden accents!

Anything gold is glamorous! And looking at the trends we can certainly say that gold is very much In! So, what are you waiting for? Introduce some golden accents in your bedroom and see it convert into a luxurious retreat in no time!

3. A mirror!

Reflective, polished surfaces exude a unique charm... and what better way to bring in that flawless charm into your bedroom than through a gorgeous mirror! A headboard wall is the perfect attention catching spot to fix that glamorous mirror!

Just look how the mirror in this bedroom looks like a jewel on the walls!

4. Or mirrored furniture!

Want to play up the charm of mirrors even more? How about some mirrored furniture! Yes, with stunning reflective finishes, mirrored furniture will only convert your bedroom into a luxurious sublime retreat!

Look at the interesting side-table in this pastel bedroom, it is reflective yet sophisticated at the same time.

5. Dark colours and contrasts!

Drama can add that mysterious, seductive charm to any space and one of the best ways to achieve it is by playing with colours and contrasts! Introduce some black or play with other gorgeous and rich dark shades! Look at the below bedroom for inspiration! We love the plush curtains in jewel toned green, not to mention how the white bedding contrasts with the black frame of the bed.

6. An enchanting chandelier!

Another chic way to add drama and a wonderful way to amp up the drama in your bedroom is to add a gorgeous chandelier that takes your breath away! We're adoring the understated yet very chic chandelier in the pastel bedroom below!

7. An ornate headboard!

Since we're talking about a bedroom with a bed, then how how could we miss the headboard! Headboards come in all shapes and sizes, but if you're going for a glam look then we suggest you opt for a really beautiful ornate one. We're in love with the one below! Aren't you?

8. A round bed!

Since a glamorous bedroom is unlike any other usual bedroom, it's a good idea to add out-of-the-ordinary elements. How about a round bed then? Not only is it unexpected, but a round bed also has a certain luxurious romantic charm to it! Look below and tell us if you disagree! The moon like bed at the center of the room is like a jewel in the crown!

9. Faux-fur throw!

We've covered the bed and almost every other aspect of a bedroom... last but not the least, let's move on to the bedding. An uber-soft faux fur throw on your bed will not only increase its luxe appeal, it will also invite you to spend more relaxing time in the soft caresses of your bed! 

We're totally sold on this dramatic bedroom with the beautiful faux-fur throw!

10. Plush pillows!

Is a bed complete without the pillows? We know you're shrugging in disbelief and wondering if that's even a question! As we all are aware of the importance of pillows in a bedroom, it would be an understatement to say that we recommend you add loads of plush pillows in lush fabrics to your glamorous bed! 

And just because a glam bedroom is unlike a simple bedroom (where you spend just enough time to take a quick nap or a full on night's sleep), you would also want to add gorgeous cushions in beautiful fabrics to take its appeal to an all new level of gorgeousness! 

Is there anything we missed that you think should be a part of a chic and glam bedroom? Don't forget to tell us!

Floating chairs: 'Nuvola Di Luce' by Natevo!

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Sitting on these chairs may not feel anything special UNTIL you switch the light button on! As soon as you do that, your room will suddenly come alive with uniform diffused lighting and you will feel as though you are floating on a cloud of light! Such is the concept of these unusual armchairs!

Have a look and see what a dramatic effect they offer!

Golden accents in kitchens

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Kitchens: Gold is the the new silver!

Think gold is meant for antiques and traditional interiors? Well think again because with kitchens taking the center stage in 2014, pretty golden accents are making their foray into kitchens of all kinds, be it modern or traditional. In fact, it is safe to say that gold is the new silver when it comes to kitchen hardware! 

We're swooning over this trend (and we're hoping it actually becomes a classic...) because gold has such associations with glamour that punctuating your kitchen with gilded accents is sure to add style and pizazz to an otherwise ignored territory! 

Look at the stunning pictures below and let us know if you fall for this look instantly or not...

Are you ready to cook in style and glamour?

Dazzling 'Spiral' chandelier by Ochre

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Staying true to its love for understated beauty and discreet glamour; British design company-Ochre- has wowed us with this amazing masterpiece a.k.a chandelier 'Spiral' from their Light Drizzle collection. Have a look and tell us what's not to like about this beauty! 

Taking its obvious inspiration from rain drops, doesn't it exude effortless glamour!

For an understated look you could go for the variant with polished nickel frame and clear glass drops, but if you'd like to amp up the drama then go for the one with a black frame and black glass drops!

You could check out more variants from Light Drizzle collection on their website:

8 ways to rejuvenate your bathroom space!

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Do you want to add interest to your bathroom space? We've listed 8 ideas to inspire you, read on to get inspired...

1. Add a feature wall: Feature walls can be interesting and act as focal points. Never too late to create an attention catching spot in your bathroom. The foliage-inspired wall below is a perfect example of a feature wall; it  is attention grabbing and at the same time complements the overall simple, monochromatic setup.

2. Copper tub: Copper tubs are very in and how can they not be; they scream luxury! So embrace some luxury into your space with a stunning copper tub such as this:

3. Display art! Yes, it is in fact a great idea to make your bathroom space interesting. Just have a look at this image, it will definitely inspire you to install some art on your bathroom walls: Yes, it is in fact a great idea to make your bathroom space interesting. Just have a look at this image, it will definitely inspire you to install some art on your bathroom walls:

4. Colour it up: A bright and colourful bathroom will definitely cheer you up in the morning. Look at this bathroom in a gorgeous mustard-yellow colour, how warm and inviting!

5. A stunning mirror: A bathroom is never complete without a stunning mirror beautifying its walls. This bathroom space is simple, polished and sophisticated, we especially love the sunburst mirror that has been used to decorate the simple wall.

6. A grand and imposing chandelier: It will not only act as the focal point but will also lift your space to new heights of grandeur! We love this gilded, globular chandelier; it offers such a stark contrast to the overall light and white setup!

7. A hand-painted wallpaper: A hand-painted wallpaper will offer an exquisite look to your bathroom. Check this out:

8. Accessorize: Use appropriate furnishings and accessories that are relevant to your style, they will only add on to the effect that you are trying to create. Just have a look how the pink kimono and the Japanese-inspired table add to the Oriental look:

Continue reading our blog for more such interesting, inspirational ideas.

Exclusive hand-made art lighting by Aqua Creations

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What happens when artistry, craftsmanship and sustainable lighting technology meld? Fabulous custom lightings by Aqua Creations (A lighting and furniture atelier) is what you get!

Their designs are truly one of a kind and many of their designs combine silk and metal, which gives an obvious glam vibe to these lightings.

See it to believe it!

'Nara Mobile' from Nara collection:

'Standby Quartet Pendants' from Standby collection:

'Nana 200 mobile' from Jewel collection:

'Simon Says No' from Mino collection:

'Doe' from Orchestra collection:

View all of their amazing lighting collections over here: